Young Love

by Archives

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released January 27, 2013

Archives is:
Jack Christian | Bass
Dan Coomber | Drums
Kieran Ellis-Jones | Vocals
Micah Cruz | Guitar/Vocals
Nathan Richardson | Guitar/Vocals

Recorded by Luke Day at Track Seven Studios.
Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering.



all rights reserved


Archives Adelaide, Australia

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Archives came together as a group of close friends with a similar passion and drive for writing and playing music. Various musical and creative backgrounds led to a unique mixture of passionate and emotional lyrics laid over melodic instrumentals taking influence from traditional Post Hardcore bands Fugazi, Joy Division and At The Drive In. ... more

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Track Name: City Lights
Gasping for air as my conscious wakes,
My body moves but my mind it stays.
A lifelong vision of a loveless life,
Pretending not to care but I'm full of lies.

I'd never really opened up until we met,
But I bet if I'd let you stay you'd regret,
Ever meeting me. Ever seeing my face.

I lie awake long into the night,
Just staring out at these city lights.
Thinking of all the trouble I've caused,
All the love and the friends I've lost.

Finding it hard to resist the calling,
On solid ground but it feels like I'm falling.

The night time lights flicker, it's the beginning of winter.
This cold weather is spreading, This evil begging to tempt me.
I won't let the darkness win, the fire inside rages on. 
Lighting up this night sky with these city lights.

Let us see what your words are worth.
The lights are out.
Track Name: Heartless
As we collide, we let the love go,
A broken portrait of a life once known.

Blinded, we've lost our way,
Misguided, life in dismay.

And I, I let the love go.

In the land of the heartless the unloved is king,
but the air we breathe isn't what it seems.
Underneath the surface hate is still worthless,
There remains the undying belief,
That life holds a greater meaning.

I wear my heart on my sleeve, but my sleeves are torn.
My life is in ruin.

There is no hope.
There is no trust.
There are no brave.
There is no love.
All is lost.
Track Name: Young Love
This is my toast to the end of the world,
Another year has passed yet nothing is learned.
Still blindly searching for meaning in this emptiness.
Frail hands left clinging onto this chance for rest.
I'm drowning slowly, suffocating on unspoken words.

My mind it runs as this world still turns,
Afraid to live and afraid to feel,
But I won't give up, no I won't give in.

I always thought I had no regrets, but I was too dumb,
To accept my one, regret was you.

Turned a blind eye to what I have become,
A bitter old man trapped in the body of the young.
This year passed was a year I let pass me by.
A chance to live wasted, a chance thrown aside.
But I won't give up, no I won't give in,
This prison will be shattered from within.

I show you no love. I will let you go.
Track Name: A Home For The Incurables
Surrounded by darkness,
Sleeping screams echo through these halls,
No such rest for myself as I lie here in despair.

I can hear your voice, like a vice in my head,
My hollow heart cries for your embrace.
The light doesn't reach me here,
All I can see is a ghost of myself.

And in my Darkest hour,
Happy memories fade from my mind.
Those moments we shared, They seem lost in time.

Where is my happy ending?
Where are you my love?